Fabio Milesi self identity

Personal branding

This self-branding project consists of a personal logo composed by the two initials of my first name and last name: f & m. It’s a simple and elegant serif monogram that you can find here applied with different objects that tell something about me.

paper logo mockup fabio milesi branding self design monogram ligatures designer italiano bergamo italy graphic elegant elegante
Front businesscards white black fabio milesi designer mockup
back busnesscard fabio milesi designer graphic print paper self branding project logo italiano bergamo
Business cards self portfolio branding ligatures mockup pic mood foto black white elegant minimal
barley mockup design foto pic portfolio brand self identity orzo bergamo roncobello fabio milesi designer
Harmonica design mockup portfolio mood businesscard fabio milesi designer inspiration
book businesscard black white fabio milesi inspiration work job portfolio pictures foto pic

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