Nuovo Bar Sport


Nuovo Bar Sport is a new sport pub in Roncobello, Northern Italy. You can get beer, sandwiches and a cosy atmosphere where football (above all Atalanta) is the sport of the house and you can watch all the main sport events. I was called to make the logo, the business cards, the outer signage and I made some historical football posters.

bar sport pub bigliettivisita biglietti mockup front back white clean
mockup menu foto sport pic snow design logo bar pub
menu bar sport nuovo mockup pub beer snowboard snow winter mood pic
tshirt white logo nuovo bar sport mood clean pub logo mark vintage atalanta bergamo
Poster Maradona Pele bar sport bergamo roncobello football calcio pallone storia argentina brasile
Poster Stromberg Best atalamta manchester united calcio football soccer history bergamo vichingo bar sport roncobello design fabio milesi

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